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Apo Alawọ Búráhùn - Leather Tote with Adire Motifs

Apo Alawọ Búráhùn - Leather Tote with Adire Motifs

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Experience African modernism with Egba Ake's brown leather tote bag, a reimagined African heritage piece. This isn't just a bag—it's a blend of traditional African design and modern formats, featuring symbolic Adire motifs that narrate our deep cultural history. Inside, the tote boasts an exquisite Adire fabric finish, bringing a touch of home to your personal style.

Personalize your leather tote bag by selecting from three vibrant Adire color variations, each representing a part of our roots. Crafted from full-grain brown Italian leather, this bag offers a supple hand and a smooth, luxurious finish. The 100% cotton lining ensures durability and comfort, making it a reliable companion for your journeys.

Elevate your style with a leather tote bag that embodies cultural fusion fashion and redefines what ‘home’ means. Whether you're reconnecting to your roots or exploring new horizons, this high-end cultural fashion piece proves that home can be anywhere. With Egba Ake, immerse yourself in a fresh take on tradition and modern design that resonates universally.

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