Collection: Leather Tote Bags

Experience Afro-modernism with our leather tote bags, a reimagined African heritage piece. This isn't just any bag—it's a blend of tradition and modern elegance, featuring symbolic Adire motifs that narrate a rich cultural story. Inside, the tote boasts an exquisite Adire fabric finish, bringing a touch of home to your everyday life.

Personalize your leather tote bag by selecting from three vibrant Adire color variations, each representing the rich tapestry of our roots. Crafted from full-grain Italian leather, this bag offers a supple hand and a smooth, luxurious finish. The 100% cotton lining ensures durability and comfort, making it a reliable companion for your journeys.

Elevate your style with a leather tote bag that embodies cultural fusion fashion and redefines what ‘home’ means. Whether you're connecting to your roots or exploring new horizons, this high-end cultural fashion piece proves that home can be anywhere. With Egba Ake, immerse yourself in a fresh take on tradition and modern design that resonates universally.